What to Do If You Have a Car Accident

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A car accident is a very unfortunate event. No one wants to be involved in it but once it happens, it gets really difficult to think about what to do next? Most people say they know what to do after a car accident but couldn’t help themselves when it happens to them. So you should be prepared in case of any mishap. This will help you in making an accident claim.

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In this blog, we will tell you about how to handle a situation after a car accident and how to claim for compensation.

What to do just after the crash?

First of all, pull your car to a safe place. We prefer a public place where everyone can see you. If you are unable to move your car, then find some help that can assist you in moving your car to a secure place. But keep in mind you should not leave the scene.

Check if everyone is safe?

It’s okay to feel frustrated and angry after this unfortunate event but you should be careful about making mistakes and immediately check on your loved ones. If anyone is hurt, give them first aid and call the ambulance. If it is a minor crash, still don’t leave them in the hot car.

Talk to the other driver

Stay calm and check whether you can talk to the other driver without involving the police. Don’t let your anger come in between, this can make the situation worse. If it’s your fault, refrain from saying sorry or accepting the blame until the police arrive. Don’t even blame the other person immediately on the scene. Let the insurance company decide whose fault it is. Do not talk to other drivers about your compensation amount.

Don’t settle deals on your own

Do not make any kind of side deals with the other driver like accepting cash, treatment, etc instead of going to your insurance company. If you do that it can expose you to more expenses on your own as you don’t know the total amount of the damage.

Gather all the site information

You need to collect all the important information from the accident site so you can claim accident compensation. Use your smartphone and take pictures of the collision impact, name, address, phone number, and driving licence of every person involved in the crash. If the driver is not the owner of the vehicle, take details of the owner as well.

Note down the vehicle details like year, car model, colour, number plate, etc. Also, take statements of witnesses if they are willing to describe what they saw.

Talk to your insurance company

You might feel it more convenient and easy to take cash from the other driver instead of claiming the accident compensation but it can make you liable for all the damages done by the accident. You should not leave the scene if it is a minor collision before the police report everything. If the other person’s insurance can not cover your damages then you can discuss with your advisor to figure out the solution.

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